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  Archived Posts From: 2008


Stories on the silver screen

Written on: August 25th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Laura here
: I’m a movie lover and summertime means the big screen, a
cool dark theater, and popcorn! I recently saw a preview for an upcoming movie
Nights in Rodanthe based on the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks. This will
be his fourth novel to be made into a blockbuster film by Hollywood. The film stars two of my favorite actors
Richard Gere and Diane Lane
so I was intrigued, it’s one I may want to see. I hesitate to commit myself
because I always think the book is far better than the movie, especially when
the screenwriter changes the ending.

Although here are two movies (one based Spark’s book) where I felt the alternate ending actually improved the story line: Message in a Bottle, and The
Horse Whisperer
. The endings were one hundred-eighty degrees different than the
novel they were based on, more romantic, happier maybe? But for me they worked—the theatrical version of The Horse Whisperer was more in tune with the characters
and their morals, and I like happy endings. 😉

My all time favorite novel that’s been made into a movie?
That’s simple: Lord of the Rings. I think Tolkien would have been proud; it took my breath away! And well I’m at it I think Nick’s best book is Three  Weeks with My Brother which is non-fiction.

Have a favorite adaptation to share, or one you think was a disappointment? We may not be the "big" screen, but we’ll share your comments here on our little screen. 😉


Following our own learning path

Written on: August 18th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Kathy here: An interesting
question about learning developed in the semi-annual Delaware Division of
Libraries staff training last week. Obviously, lifelong learning is a core
value for our library staff; but, is there a prescribed "type" of
learning tied to that value?

The question arose around our State
Librarian’s strong interest in management and business development. Annie was
quick to point out that these topic areas were her choice, her self-directed
path as much, if not more, than a necessity for her position. And, while we may
be forced to endure her management experiments, this is her path. We need to
make our own paths. I followed with reminders about Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences
and how each contributes to the wholeness of our
agency…and enriches what we offer library users…and our families, our
communities, our nation.

You could almost feel the
peacefulness float through the room…not relief, peacefulness.

Explore you own intelligences
via the assessment found here. You may be surprised…since one of my strongest
intelligences is Self, no big surprises for me this time.


When does one become wise?

Written on: August 11th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Kathy here
: Do we wake up one day and say,
"Hey, I’m 70 now…I must have wisdom." Of course not. Wisdom dwells
deeper than knowledge. According to, one is wise when one "possesses
discernment." I really like that view. Now, just think how discerning we
can become – at any time, at any age – if we are conscious of our
self-direction. If we recognize where our reading may—or may not—be leading us.

Dr. Gene Cohen, Director of the
Center on Aging, Health and Humanities at George Washington University tells us that
we reach an age "when we have something to say." We want to build our
own memoirs, record our wisdom. He also
says that the future of humanity "will be born in webs of human
conversation and through compelling questions that will arise via collective
learning." But, does this need to be confined to the oldest of the old?

Imagine those conversations and
that collective learning among people of all ages who were intentionally moving
toward wisdom through their reading and learning. Just imagine.


Journals, blogs, and conversations

Written on: August 4th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Autumnartfulblogging Honoré here: Last week I was reading the Autumn 2008 issue of a quarterly magazine: "Artful Blogging." One profiled blogger, Lesley Austin, shared a passage from Louisa Mae Alcott’s Little Women’s "letterbox-in-the-hedge"…The blogger goes on to say: "To think that Alcott’s description…helped me sort out my relationship with my online journal—for blogging is not like letter-writing ,… emailing, and not like a real, live conversation, but it is like me leaving something to be found if someone passes by and lifts the lid … and sometimes I find something left for me." Artful Blogging" Autumn 2008, p.119.

This passage resonates with me:

  • I really liked Little Women as a child – centuries ago – and immediately thought, I should re-read it, so on my list "to-get "it went and maybe I’ll even watch the latest movie version;
  • It [passage]caused me to stop/reflect and contemplate what it means to my own blogging efforts – sometimes I think they’re very futile ’cause I’m not sure I’m clear on my purpose and expectations. I love Artful Blogging – the pictures are lovely and it’s most interesting to read all the profiled artists’ hesitancy and expressions of awe, wonder, and appreciation for the community of bloggers support and encouragement. I am inspired and eager to create a blog worthy of my own appreciation, moreso than any one else’s and ahh- therein lies the rub…
  • I journal and document my reading and learning nearly everyday…how is it I’m not translating that experience and having that conversation among the online community? What do I need to do differently—or at all?

In her July 23 post, Kathy talked about paths winding back. I find as I am documenting my learning journey that the path is not circular but it twists, turns, goes up/down, in/out; is helter-skelter, scattered, messy, and so intrinsically me: I am like a magnet and immediately attracted to ideas, inspiration. Right now I’m clearly on an art/visual and tactile journal path… To be continued? Will I take to having that conversation with the online community via my own artfully-inspired blog? Let’s talk over a virtual cup of tea. 😉