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Stories on the silver screen

Written on: August 25th, 2008 by: in Learning Journeys

Laura here
: I’m a movie lover and summertime means the big screen, a
cool dark theater, and popcorn! I recently saw a preview for an upcoming movie
Nights in Rodanthe based on the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks. This will
be his fourth novel to be made into a blockbuster film by Hollywood. The film stars two of my favorite actors
Richard Gere and Diane Lane
so I was intrigued, it’s one I may want to see. I hesitate to commit myself
because I always think the book is far better than the movie, especially when
the screenwriter changes the ending.

Although here are two movies (one based Spark’s book) where I felt the alternate ending actually improved the story line: Message in a Bottle, and The
Horse Whisperer
. The endings were one hundred-eighty degrees different than the
novel they were based on, more romantic, happier maybe? But for me they worked—the theatrical version of The Horse Whisperer was more in tune with the characters
and their morals, and I like happy endings. 😉

My all time favorite novel that’s been made into a movie?
That’s simple: Lord of the Rings. I think Tolkien would have been proud; it took my breath away! And well I’m at it I think Nick’s best book is Three  Weeks with My Brother which is non-fiction.

Have a favorite adaptation to share, or one you think was a disappointment? We may not be the "big" screen, but we’ll share your comments here on our little screen. 😉