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Following our own learning path

Written on: August 18th, 2008 by: in Learning Journeys

Kathy here: An interesting
question about learning developed in the semi-annual Delaware Division of
Libraries staff training last week. Obviously, lifelong learning is a core
value for our library staff; but, is there a prescribed "type" of
learning tied to that value?

The question arose around our State
Librarian’s strong interest in management and business development. Annie was
quick to point out that these topic areas were her choice, her self-directed
path as much, if not more, than a necessity for her position. And, while we may
be forced to endure her management experiments, this is her path. We need to
make our own paths. I followed with reminders about Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences
and how each contributes to the wholeness of our
agency…and enriches what we offer library users…and our families, our
communities, our nation.

You could almost feel the
peacefulness float through the room…not relief, peacefulness.

Explore you own intelligences
via the assessment found here. You may be surprised…since one of my strongest
intelligences is Self, no big surprises for me this time.