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Two New Clubs “Make” it to the Garfield Park Library

Written on: January 31st, 2017 in Archives

What do a few blocks of green Playdoh have in common with 3D design?c25dahsweae0xtd

We were asking ourselves this very question during the first meeting of the Garfield Park Library Maker Club. Terence Blanch, Wilmington University professor and lifelong Maker, guided us through envisioning an object and assembling pre-determined Playdoh shapes to achieve that model.

He challenged us to make a gnome, a gnome with a really big nose. He later introduced the club participants to TinkerCAD, a beginner-friendly computer-aided-design program that users can access from the Cloud. The shapes used in TinkerCAD resemble blocks of colored Playdoh.

The next Maker Club meeting will focus on the Exploration in Flight. Participants will make foam gliders, working to improve the design via rapid prototyping. Future meetings will include discussions on rocketry, circuitry, and drones.

TinkerCad, Maker Monday Garfield Park

Maker Club Schedule:
(Club meets on Mondays, times vary.)

Garfield Park Library is scheduled to host to an Astronomy Club, also led by Terence Blanch, NASA Ambassador. Participants will make their own telescope out of basic craft supplies such as card stock and construction paper. Attendees will discuss sky coordinates as well as how to view constellations such as Orion, the great Orion Nebula, Taurus, Aldebaran, and the Seven Sisters. You do not need your own equipment; binoculars and telescopes will be available at the library. This club is open to people of all ages.

Email Garfield Park Public Library or call (302) 571-7312 for more information about these fun clubs!
Garfield Park Public Library Calendar of Events.

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