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  Archived Posts From: 2008


Welcome to Between the Lines

Written on: March 17th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Honoré and Kathy here: Hi and welcome to "Between the Lines". We’re delighted to have a place where we can share all the great books we’re reading…and our various learning journeys or paths.

How many books have you read and/or listed since you got the journal? Take a few minutes and share a couple of your favorites – click on the link: "Share Your FAVORITES!"

Remember how Kathy said she didn’t want to identify her journal? Well, at last count, she’s added the letter K  in at least four different places throughout her book.;) We’re curious to learn how you’re using reading log/journal. Have you personalized it yet?  Click on the link: "How I’m Making the Journal MINE" and share your comments.

We invite you to check out the blog. Join in our conversation. Sign
up to have email alerts automatically sent to you each time we update
the blog . Share the blog and your journal with your friends and family
members, too. Encourage them to become Charter Members; it’s simple: click here for more details: Become a Charter Member.

We’re looking forward to our journey. Thanks for joining in.  Enjoy the ride.


How I’m making the Journal MINE ;)

Written on: March 17th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Please tell us how you are personalizing and using the journal. Be specific. What parts do you like or don’t like? What improvements can we make?

Comments are open for everyone, please add below. If you’d like to share privately please email Honore or Kathy:

honore.francois at

kathy.graybeal at

(Email addresses are not linked to prevent Spam. Please insert @ symbol and remove spaces to send email. Thanks!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Written on: March 17th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

I have questions about the Delaware Library Learning Journey…

Why should I do this? WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) right now?

Research confirms that self-directed reading and learning results in
knowledge and growth. This program will support you on your own
personal reading and learning path.

Why am I doing this?

Get a free journal

Keep track of what you’ve read, what you want to remember about your reading, and what you want to read and learn next.

Help us know what else you’d like the library to provide

Customize your library experience

What does the schedule look like?

There are no programs currently scheduled.

What can I expect at the Program?

We will introduce the new learning journal. If you already track
your learning, we hope that you will share how you do that and how it
helps you.

What will I do?

Listen to others’ experiences; share your own if you chose.

Watch the performance.

Listen to the description of the program.

What will I do after the Program?

Try out the learning journal

Let us know how it works for you

Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

Visit  How I’m Making the Journal MINE  and add your comment

Watch for emails

Attend the next Delaware Book Festival on Saturday November 1, 2008

Will I need special equipment, software, computer skills?

A pen/pencil to use in the journal

Your library card

Use your own computer or the library computer if you decide to participate in the blog

I missed the program; can I still participate?

Certainly. Contact Honoré Francois or Kathy Graybeal to become a charter member

honore.francois at

kathy.graybeal at

(Email addresses are not linked to prevent Spam. Please insert @ symbol and remove spaces to send email Thanks!

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Welcome from Annie Norman, Delaware State Librarian

Written on: March 17th, 2008 in Learning Journeys

Welcome to all of the participants in the Delaware
Library Learning Journeys program! Thank you to the sponsoring libraries for
hosting the program.

How do you track your reading and learning?

Do you keep a reading log or journal, too? I’ve kept track of my reading in
various ways, off and on, since I was a teenager.

All through high school I was a fiction reader. I knew I read a lot of books
but had no idea how many, so one day I decided to start a list. I began by
recording authors and titles in a notebook, and by the end of a year discovered
I was reading more than 100 books per year!

After college, in my late 30s, I shifted into a self-help phase, reading
exclusively non-fiction. Since I’m a big-picture person and don’t retain
details very well, I decided I needed to start taking notes in order for the
reading to do me any good! I resumed listing authors and titles, and also noted
any tips or ideas that were helpful. I didn’t necessarily note what the author
wanted me to remember, just what I wanted to remember.

I’ve kept reading journals continuously for more than 10 years now. As my
reading journal evolved, I also note the value of the book and find that I save
more than $1,500 per year by using my library! While I’m reading a book, I use
Post-it® flags (aren’t they a great invention?) to mark quotes, phrases,
concepts, and ideas that intrigue me. Then when I’m finished the book, I pull
out my journal and record the items that I’ve flagged.

It’s fascinating to me to retrace my learning journey by browsing through my
journals. I can see what concepts I was working on at different periods, and
the various paths and detours that I explored along the way. I can also see
areas that I’ve conquered — topics where my questions have been answered and
issues resolved. It’s reassuring to know that there has been progress!

We are delighted that you have joined us! I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you at
your libraries at the Delaware Library Learning Journeys programs and look
forward to chatting with you in this continuing conversation. We hope that
you’ll share your techniques and your exciting discoveries along your lifelong
learning journeys. The better we know you and what you need next, the better we
can develop our Delaware library collections and services to meet your needs.


Anne E.C. Norman, Director / State Librarian
Delaware Division of Libraries / State Library
43 S DuPont Hwy Dover DE 19901
302-739-4748 / fax 302-739-6787      
annie.norman at 
(Email address is not linked to prevent Spam. Please insert @ symbol and remove spaces to send email to Annie. Thanks!)

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