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Q: “Do you know of any good, online homework help resources?”

Written on: August 19th, 2012 by: cathay in Q & A's

Q: “My child is getting ready for back to school and we’d like to know if there are any good online homework resources that you’d recommend?  Does the library offer anything like this?”

Back to school is buzzing!  It’s great that you are thinking ahead to find out about what Delaware Libraries can offer for your family’s upcoming homework needs.  We have a few online resources that are handy, authoritative, and easy to use.

Let’s start with our main Ask a Librarian Delaware portal.  Here we have a ‘Favorite Resources‘ page that is freely accessed and gives a list of librarian-reviewed sites.  You’ll see links that help with homework, such as for math, science, Delaware government, and the correct way to cite for a paper, to health and Delaware legal resources.

Another excellent gateway to tools you or your student may find helpful is through our Delaware Libraries’ site.  Just click on the Delaware Library Catalog link .  You’ll have readers’ advisory assistance at your fingertips, right at the bottom of the catalog’s page, giving recommended reading links for children, teens and adults and top best seller lists, such as the New York Times.

When searching on the catalog for library items, you’ll see relevant recommendations within the search results, too (see the image below).   Just click on the book cover of an item you’re interested in.  This will bring you the details of that item.  Part way down the web page you should see, “Reader Ratings and Reviews” and below that, “You Might Also Like These…”

A third feature on the Delaware Libraries’ site is located through the eMagazines & More tab.  Here are more options for reading recommendations through Novelist, a database that features Lexile ratings, too.  Novelist streamlines searching and like all Delaware libraries’ databases, offers non-commercial, authoritative information.  These are powerful tools to help with biographies, history, science and more.

If you or someone you care for have homework help needs, feel free to ask a Delaware librarian, anytime in person at your local library, or online through our live online  Ask a Librarian Delaware library service at:

We’re glad to be of assistance and online, we’re 247!  Welcome back to school!