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Visit a Delaware Library Online

Written on: December 23rd, 2010 by: in Blog Posts

We’re very proud of our websites here at the Division of Libraries (and look for a whole new look for the homepage soon). BUT..what’s the matter with North Dakota and Wyoming!!

The library catalog homepage attracts about 50,000 visitors a month, from all over the world, and this blog recently published its 500th posting, and is visited about 150 times a day on average- the library catalog itself was searched 1/4 million times last month alone. What do we need to do to attract our friends from the Flickertail state, and Wyomingites (it doesn’t appear that these states have informal nicknames for their residents)? So here’s an appeal to our loyal readers, facebook friends, and twitter followers- if you have friends or relations in Wyoming or North Dakota, encourage them to visit a Delaware library (online) during December!