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Increasing Children’s Internet Protection in Libraries

Written on: June 21st, 2010 by: in Blog Posts

This week, Governor Markell signed into law revisions to Delaware’s Children’s Internet Protection Act. The goal of the revisions were to enhance the opportunities for libraries to take advantage of new technology while maintaining a high level of protection for children based on their parents preferences. Click here for an earlier discussion of this legislation with links to the text of the revisions.

Governor Markell discussed the changes in his weekly video address, which you can view below. We’re grateful for his recognition that public libraries are “critical hubs in our communities…places to gather, but most importantly, places to learn,” that are characterized by “great librarians, happy to help,” and which play an important part in helping users “expand economic opportunities.” Libraries now have new tools from the legislature and administration to help them continue to provide excellent access to information while safeguarding children’s safety and parental rights.