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New York, New York (Times)

Written on: April 19th, 2010 by: in Blog Posts

In this week’s New York Times Sunday reviews, there are a host of reviews of new works by all manner of the most eminent authors in English and American letters- Ian McEwan, Anna Quindlen, and Ann Lammott, amongst others. In this week’s summary of the reviews, I’ve broken out a few reviews of some of the less well-known, or debut works:

  • Michael Zimmerman’s Sandbox is a gulf war novel “loaded with an M.R.E. caseful of plot elements”
  • The Line by Olga Grushin is a tale loosely based on a real life incident in modern Russian history, but with an “allegorical, sci-fi vagueness” that enables the author to create a broad canvas of Russian social and cultural experience under Communism, as well as a challenge to our own consumer culture.
  • Rachel Cusk’s Bradshaw Variations explores the ways in which women struggle to keep their own identities after having children. It’s well observed, darkly humorous, and “each chapter is a close-to-¬≠perfect capsule of character development.”