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Social Media Reading List

Written on: March 23rd, 2010 by: in Blog Posts


The fact that there are so many books about social media suggests that, despite claims to the contrary, future and traditional media can coexist and even complement each other. Shelves full of books about the internet have been a public library standard since the ’90s, and thanks to innovative programs and leadership and partnerships with organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, public libraries are also one of the most reliable sources of digital access for many communities.

There’s no real reason to think that social media, like the many new platforms, services, and cultures that have preceded it will make the printed page obsolete- more likely, trends and revolutions in commerce and culture will continue to flourish, die, explode, and implode, and that they will be documented, recorded, and promoted by all kinds of different types of libraries in all kinds of different types of media.

This list of must-read social media books came to my attention recently, and I was happy to find out that you can find most of them in your Delaware public library. As a service to the upcoming and thriving social media scene in Delaware- a community that now includes prominent local businesses, non-profits, and public servants– I’ve used this list to seed an ongoing “have you read” booklist that will be updated as new and notable titles come out. You can bookmark this link or find the social media reading list link in the “have you read” section of the Delaware Library Catalog

Click below the fold for links to selected titles from the windmillnetworking list:

If you have other recommendations, add them to the comments- I’m certainly happy to crowdsource this list.