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It’s (almost) Thursday: Kids (Authors) Say the Darndest Things

Written on: February 12th, 2010 in Blog Posts

aliceKathy here: We know humans rise to an occasion-or not-as dictated by their nature. While cooped up and only sporadically able to access stories of both linked to the Blizzard of 2010, I unknowingly explored the topic with my granddaughter through picture books. At 3.5 years, she has digested the concepts pushed forward in the Berenstain Bears and Little Monster series. Like her mother, she has read and reread the paperback books until they now fall open to her favorite spots. But, my own learning this week centered more on the rebels in the group.
Enter David Shannon and Mo Willem. Rather, enter David and Pigeon. These characters bring to life that demanding toddler within us all. Shannon’s newest character is the wand-wielding Alice from Alice the Fairy. She explains life this way. “One time my Mom made cookies for my Dad. So I turned them into mine.” Amid the giggles-and the blasting snow-I remember that we are all just making our way as best we can.