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STEM Resources

Written on: January 20th, 2010 by: in Blog PostsLearningLearning Journeys


Yesterday’s announcement by Governor Markell and Senator Kaufman highlights the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education as an important contributor to local and national economic development and the nation’s future. Executive order 15 creates a STEM Council with representatives from a broad range of government agencies, educational institutions, and private enterprise to work closely with the Department of Education on improving STEM curriculum and educational resources, seeking out sources of financing to support innovative programs, and collaboration with employers.

Public libraries in Delaware have long supported STEM education through the “What’s the Big Idea?” program, an NSF-supported program which is coordinated by the Delaware Division of Libraries and the Delaware Center for the Book. Delaware was a pilot site for this program, which infuses curriculum standards-oriented STEM education concepts into library programs, events, and resources for young children and families. The public and academic libraries in the Delaware Library Catalog have a broad array of resources that support STEM initiatives, including books for children and educators, access to online journals through statewide subscriptions managed by the Division of Libraries. The books listed below, for instance, are targeted at promoting STEM education with girls:

And library patrons can access these STEM-related educational journals- along with hundreds of others:

There are also a number of high-quality resources available online, including blogs by government/business partnerships, and resource websites produced by leading educational institutions: