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Managing “favorites” settings in the Delaware Library Catalog

Written on: December 22nd, 2009 by: in Blog Posts

You may have already signed up to receive email notifications when works by favorite authors, or works on certain subjects, are added to the catalog (if you haven’t, you can click here to see a quick instructional video). Once you check a certain author or subject as a favorite, the library system software sends out automated weekly emails that are customized to your specified preferences. It’s another way of making the library yours.

But what happens if you want to change the settings? Maybe you’ve used this service to drill down on a particular topic of interest, and you feel you’ve learned enough, or perhaps a particular author has been disappointing you or your tastes have changed. Also, possibly you thought that you REALLY liked books about vampires, and are surprised at just how many books are being written on the subject! (this is an easy situation to get into when you record subjects as favorites, because many fiction books are cataloged under very broad subject classifications- subject favorites work better in non-fiction) It’s easy enough to get into your favorites settings and remove favorites- play the 1 minute video below or click on ‘play in full screen’ to see a larger version:

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