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Eldritch horror beckons…

Written on: August 20th, 2009 by: in Reviews

H.P. Lovecraft portraitI was going to try and wait until midnight to post this, but I was tired and am going on vacation tomorrow. The horror writer H.P Lovecraft was born today, Aug. 20, in 1890. He’s best known for his densely written tales of supernatural terror, originally published in pulp magazines like Weird Tales, featuring a bizarre cosmology of unimaginably alien elder gods patiently waiting millenia for our destruction, so terrifying that mere mortals are driven insane upon catching a glimpse of them. Lovecraft practically invented the tentacle as a horror motif, for goodness’ sake!

The Delaware Library Catalog has a number of collections of Lovecraft’s work, along with work inspired by his stories- “lovecraftian” being a sort of genre to itself in horror and speculative fiction.

You can read most of his short work online at the “MIskatonic University” website. Warning- this website has been a work in progress since the earliest days of the world-wide web in 1997, a sign of the depth of enthusiasm that the writers fans have for him. “the Color out of Space” is a great example of his non-Cthulhu mythos work. Another good online resource for his work is the website