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Online News Faces Changes

Written on: July 22nd, 2009 by: in News

I read this article last week, and began to wonder how it would change how people get their news.

In summary, the suggestion by the Financial Times editor was that newspapers are not going to either want to or be able to continue to give away the news for free. A controversial statement, to be sure, especially after years of doing just that, and with plenty of failed business models for companies who have tried other strategies.

For libraries though- what an opportunity! Most library systems subscribe to some kind of new database- the Delaware Library Catalog uses EBSCO’s Newspaper Source, which gives users access to searchable content for thousands of newspapers dating back decades. I enjoy my free news on the web as much as anyone (some who know me would say much, much more than many), but I know that I will have options if free does come to an end for internet news- and I’ll be happy to see people coming to the libraries to get their online news.