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Reading: Eyes or Ears?

Written on: July 14th, 2009 by: in LearningLearning Journeys

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Kathy here: We have talked before about reading with our ears.  Dave Robicheaux, Stephanie Plum and Sookie Stackhouse come to life before me…the supporting characters welcome me into their conversations…when I listen to these tales. But, I simply cannot read one of these novels with my eyes. Period. Well, now I know the reverse is true as well. Last week, I marched from Disc 1 through Disc 3 of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince while commuting to and from work. It was my 3rd vain attempt. Torture. On Saturday, I pulled my copy from the living room bookcase and dived in. Heaven. The very same thing happened when I repeatedly tried to listen to Lord of the Rings. Go figure.

What reading tales have you to share?

And, last, it must be acknowledged that my intense enjoyment of the particular audio books mentioned here is due to the talents of Will Patton, Lorelei King and Johanna Parker, respectively.