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news (proposed)

Written on: March 26th, 2009 by: in News

We do receive feedback from library patrons requesting that we look into ways in which accessing the library catalog could be made more direct, or if we can provide a direct login option from any of the library websites who connect to it.

While we continue to look at the technical feasibility of offering the various libraries in the Delaware Library Catalog a direct account login option from their homepages, we’re also keen to promote the use of our “portal” page at However, we do recognize the importance of the “three click rule” and clearly, we’re breaking it in some cases (although it is an informal rule…)

To get to your list of checkouts and holds, for instance, requires the following navigation from the original library website

  • catalog link
  • catalog portal
  • search/check account
  • enter ID and PIN
  • My account
  • Review my account

I think that’s five clicks, but I lost count…

We are currently testing a reconfiguration of the login process, and would like feedback from catalog users and library patrons. We can set up the system to provide a shortcut directly to the review my account info screen (which lists checkouts, holds, usage fees, and library messages) as soon as a patron enters their ID and PIN. You can see an example of how that would look here.
Let us know what you think. Does this configuration work better for you?