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Downstate musings

Written on: March 16th, 2009 in News

Over the last week, I’ve travelled far downstate to Delmar (twice), Selbyville, Laurel, and Bethany, visiting the public libraries and doing some training and presentations to library staff. Before working at the Division of Libraries, the sum total of my downstate travels in 15 years of living in Delaware was comprised of innumerable trips to Rehoboth and Lewes.
It’s a nice time to travel in Southern Delaware- fields and trees are starting to sprout and bud and there’s no pesky beach traffic. My favorite drive last week was the stretch between Delmar and Selbyville, cutting straight through the Great Cypress Swamp on Rt. 54. It may be that this local landscape hasn’t changed much since the Federal Works Project Administration’s writers’ project wrote about it in 1938 in Delaware: A Guide to the First State. Its certainly a strangely beautiful and peaceful stretch of driving in between meetings. And not only did I see the largest herd of deer I have seen in years, running through a barely greening field in bright sunshine, I also drove past a parked fleet of watermelon buses, which I had read about last year in a News-Journal article, but had never seen before.