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Spell Checking Now Available

Written on: February 26th, 2009 by: in News

Reviews of catalog search activity by Delaware Library Catalog patrons show that one of the main reasons patrons experience unsuccessful book searches or misleading results is from simply mis-spelling title words or author names when using the catalog. The Delaware Division of Libraries, in partnership with Delaware’s libraries, is happy to announce the introduction of the Lucien spell-checking feature, now live in the Delaware Library Catalog.

Previously, an unsuccessful search would only provide a browseable list of terms following alphabetically from the incorrectly-spelled entry. Not so helpful! Lucien checks the mis-spelled word against a constantly updated database and offers a simple and intuitive “did you mean?” choice. Clicking on the alternative spelling will automatically re-run the search and return the results the patron was looking for. We hope that this tool will be helpful for our younger patrons, persons with limited English proficiency, and hasty typists.