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LibraryThing For Libraries in the Delaware Library Catalog

Written on: February 26th, 2009 by: in News

We’re very happy to announce the addition of LibraryThing to our online catalog!

LibraryThing is an online service that helps users list, describe, review, and catalog their own book collections.

(click here to open LibraryThing in a new window)

LibraryThing users have “cataloged” 30 million books, using 40 million+ descriptive, everyday terms to “tag” them. We’ve taken all of that descriptive information, along with the lists of recommended and related titles that are generated by connecting all of the data, and incorporated it into the Delaware Library Catalog.

When you display a book in the online catalog, you will see a lot of useful new information- the descriptive terms (tags) that are most frequently used in the LibraryThing database to describe the content, characters, or genre of the book, along with a list or related or recommended works, all of which can be found in the holdings of one of our member libraries.