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Pathways don’t just have curves…some wind back on themselves

Written on: July 23rd, 2008 by: in Learning Journeys

Kathy here:

My reading/learning path wound its way back to old territory over the last few weeks.

There I was, in my bed,comfortably surrounded by pillows, the early morning sun just peeking in the window, when a realization struck. As I used a magnifying glass to examine the details of the treasures found in King Tutanhamen’s tomb pictured in the huge book across my lap, it could be 1978 instead of 2008. I had assumed that same stooped position when I examined King Tut: The Boy King shortly after visiting the King Tut exhibit at the Smithsonian with Mom in that year.

There is change, of course. We say King Tutanhamen now; the collection is much more extensive as preservation and restoration has proceeded over the last 3 decades. But, the core remains. I stand looking though a window into the life of a young man 3300 years ago.


How has your path twisted back? What insights have presented themselves to you? What’s next for me? I may just need to search out one of the events in the Boy King’s current Comeback Tour, pick up my mother and head on out…