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Tag! You’re It! 7 Things to Know about Me as a Reader/Learner

Written on: June 16th, 2008 by: in Learning Journeys

Honoré here:
There are all sort of challenges or games of "tag! you’re it" played
on the Internet – usually on blogs. All involve sharing with others
unknown or obscure facts about the person who is tagged. Recently I ran across
one on Bookmarks magazine that I thought I’d share with you…and also, a
little about me:

1. My
mother was also a librarian and a reader. She would entertain me with stories
of climbing out her 2nd floor bedroom window into a tree where she could read
in peace and quiet, away from her younger sisters.

2. As
a child, I read – horrors – comic books! And I’d get totally involved and lost
in them. Contrary to popular opinion, didn’t harm me one iota. Don’t read
comics much, anymore – not even in the Sunday or daily newspapers.
Occasionally, I’ll happen upon a cartoon that strikes my funny bone – guess I
"comic-booked out" as a kid.

3. As
I’ve related in our Delaware Library Learning Journey programs, I don’t read
much fiction these days – but, that’s changing and I’m looking forward to
rekindling that interest, especially since I’ve recently obtained a Kindle, – Amazon books’ new ebook reader.

4. I
like reading books about process – especially written by writers, artists,
crafts-persons, quilters, etc. I’m not so interested in technique, i.e., how to
do something but moreso, in the author’s learning journey and reflections.

Tea5. I
start my day, nearly everyday, reading. I make a cup of tea, pour a glass of
orange juice and fix a glass of ice water, sit myself in my chair, surrounded
by my books, magazines, reading log, journal, pens [they are in color; I like
to write in color] and now my drawing tools and read, write, reflect…be in
the moment. My day begins about 5:30 – 6:00 am, and if I have a meeting or
appointment, I will adjust my wakeup/start time, accordingly – just so I can
have at least 30-45 minutes of morning time. I find this practice grounds me
for the day.

I’m a ‘vertical’ reader/learner – that is, I read deeply and widely in an area
that interests me until I tire of it or another interest supersedes. Oddly, for
some strange reason, I read a lot of books on time management and organizing –
most say the same thing, once you get down to it but I’m still intrigued enough
by the possibility that maybe there’ll be something new on the scene. I guess
these types of books are my “escape" reading. I’ve been "escaping"
for over twenty years. Am I any more organized or time-managed? Somedays, yes.
Somedays, not!

Even though I start my day reading, and snatch reading time throughout the day,
I do not read at night, in bed. Go figure…

these are my seven for the time being…I’m sure there are many, many

about you? Willing to share?