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On Learning “To See”

Written on: June 2nd, 2008 by: in Learning Journeys

HonorĂ© here: I’ve started a new reading log/journal – occasioned by an upcoming trip to a desert island, Aruba – and the book: The Art of Travel with a Sketchbook by Mari Le Glatin Keis. My new log  is dedicated to my learning journey: keeping a sketchbook and drawing. From time to time, I will share this journey with you; here is the first installment:

Art_of_travel"I love the idea of words as graphics! Thanks Mari for this quote: "To me there is no difference between journaling and sketching. The French word jour, which means day, is embedded in the word journaling. It implies writing as a daily practice. In defining journaling, there is no mention of color or line. In sketchbooking, you can use everything that comes to your hand: drawing, painting, collage, words. None of these tools has to be more important than the others. Words are just another graphic you can use spontaneously, without judgment." [p.78] "  5/24/08.

"The plan – a sketch a day from the vantage point of where I’m sitting in the morning: inside or outside. At home or away. I want to practice "seeing" and translating that into something made visible to myself and others. In addition to Mari’s book, I shall also revisit a couple others: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; Everyday Matters and The Creative License; and Drawing from Life: the Journal as Art." 5/26/08.

To be continued…